Hotel & Restaurant design
is a complex one.
We are very well aware of the significant investment owners put in their project. This means you need to feel assured that your creative process will be taken seriously, and to be assured that the project is going to be done, right the first time round.
Our Specialists will offer a free consult.
We will asses your general ideas of what you are looking to achieve and also provide you with free no obligation quotes.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Client, as you are aware, on account of the COVID-19 Pandemic emergency Italy is on lockdown which means that most Factories and Suppliers have stopped all their operations. It appears that this situation shall persist until at least the 23rd of March. We will keep you informed of Developments as they reach us. We would like to express our deep regret for the inconvenience this may cause but we are confident that everything will return to normality soon enough.

Kind Regards

At Grenke our goal is to support mid- sized companies throughout Europe. We take a personal approach to our work. We believe that traditional values such as transparency, fairness and honesty still hold true and we strive to ensure that these continue to underpin our relationships with customers, partners and shareholders.

Strong customer relationships are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We provide expert service to our partners and customers. We provide renting services tailored to the specific requirements and opportunities of all sectors. We take pride in offering our customers a reliable and dependable partnership for their renting needs. We offer a unique combination of skills, combined with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ industries. We know our customers’ needs.

With over 30 years’ experience with organisations across the entire business spectrum, GRENKE is a knowledgeable and reliable renting partner. GRENKE gives you and your customers greater flexibility and assurance for greater success.

We can cater for all your needs from a successful hotel, bar or restaurant, from machinery to equipment from furnishings to tableware.

Every day we work for challenges more and more important and fascinating

The reason why is that we deeply believe in a value, which allow us to reach the most important results. The dextery, craftsmanship, mastery and creativity that are typical of the Italian culture are the driving forces at the base of the special way to imagine, plan and carry out our products. Our staff is composed by many inside and outside co-operators extremely skilled and qualified. They daily transform a concept idea into a realized-project. A strong team,dynamic, who work well together, capable. Modern structures, up to date machinery, all of this focused on our Women, our Men, and our Client.


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